Physio Active
The team at PhysioActive in Thornhill are magical healers. After years of chronic pain and sleep loss; despite seeing numerous specialists and various other physiotherapists; I finally found relief with the team at PhysioActive. After just a month of treatment from the team (physiotherapist & an osteopath) I started to sleep at night and slowly was able to return to daily activities (laundry, work, shopping etc) and eventually working full time. I call PhysioActive a team as the physiotherapists & osteopaths frequently consult to ensure their patients are getting the best treatment. Thomas Hein, a physiotherapist and Osteopath, offers his patients the optimal place to heal or recover after an injury as his knowledge surpasses most. He also is always willing to learn from and teach other physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage therapists at his office. The secretaries are wonderful too

Tawna deBakker
Service Rating: 5