Physio Active

Kimberly Biback

From front desk to therapist, I couldn’t be more impressed with this place. Had my first appointment today with Mr. Carluccio and was greeted very warmly by a kind and friendly lady at the desk.

I was further impressed with the quality of care I received from my therapist who first took time to dig in deep and understand/assess my issue. His techniques for ROM therapy were some of the best I’ve seen and I noticed results both in flexibility and pain relief (tension and tightness were relieved in my post-fracture) by the time I got home. I was sent on my way with great advice and tips for at-home care until my return.

I was informed this is one of the best clinics for sports injury physiotherapists in my city. Based on the attention to detail and care that I received, I am glad I gave this place a call, and have every confidence in their ability to aid and guide me through successful progression.

Kimberly Biback
Service Rating: 5