Physio Active
PhysioActive is an exceptional clinic with extremely talented practitioners and very sweet/organized administrative staff. The staff work wonderfully well as a team in discussing cases and sharing knowledge. Thomas, the owner, is not only effective in helping his clients heal but is also kind and truly passionate about physiotherapy, osteopathy and other areas that relate to recovery and well-being. I have used a wide range of the services offered at PhysioActive such massage therapy with Shirley, physiotherapy with Aleks and osteopathy with Kate. All of them are constantly taking courses and furthering their knowledge which is demonstrated in their high quality treatments.The clinic is clean and well-maintained and the staff truly care about and connect with their patients. Even after moving downtown, I will always go to PhysioActive for treatment! This is because I know that I will not find a more professional yet relaxing clinic with a family of staff who promote wellness and high functioning lifestyles. While I have not used all of their services, they do offer accupuncture, TCM, IMS, laser therapy and other modalities and have a full service gym and private treatment rooms. If you are injured or in pain, this is definitely where you should go!

Carrie Poteck
Service Rating: 5