• More than 50% of runners sustain a running-related injury.  There has been no decrease in injuries with the addition of highly supportive, cushioned running footwear.
  • The newest research shows that heel to toe running techniques increase your risk of injury and decrease your running performance.
  • At PhysioActive learn how simple changes in your running style can increase performance and prevent injuries. We have Physiotherapists who can successfully evaluate your running style and help show you how some simple exercises and retraining techniques for your feet, legs and back (pelvis)  can increase your running speed and performance while also reducing your risk of injury.

“As a Physiotherapist working with athletes, whether it be a weekend warrior or an elite level runner, we enjoy getting our clients back doing what they love. In addition to educating my clients about how changing their running style can improve performance, we also can provide our clients specific running drills and exercises which may also benefit their recovery. ”

  • At Physioactive, our Physiotherapists are trained in running assessment and can perform a video treadmill assessment of your running style, analyzing foot strike pattern, cadence, and body mechanics.  Not only can a specific program improve running efficiency, but it will also prevent running-related injuries by reducing compression through the ankle, knee, hip, and spinal joints.
  • Our Physiotherapists will determine areas of muscle imbalance and flexibility insufficiencies preventing you from reaching your potential.
  • Most running injuries result from progressing your running too quickly.  Our running assessments include coaching on how to progress your running program safely, whether you are a seasoned runner, new to the sport, or returning from an injury.
  • As part of your running assessment, you will learn which shoes will optimize your running performance and minimize injury.

In addition to our programs, we have the most advanced tools at our disposal to optimize recovery.

  • Modalities

    Our physiotherapists use shockwave, magnetic biostimulation (working on electromagnetic frequencies or PEMF),  therapeutic ultrasound, laser, interferential current, electromuscular stimulation, microcurrent, which are used when indicated to enhance our treatment and exercise programmes.

  • Acupuncture

    We offer acupuncture as an adjunct to treatment where indicated. Our therapists have been trained in traditional acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada plus IMS acupuncture trained through the Chan Gunn association.