Author: Thomas Hein

Thomas Hein is a Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Practitioner and Clinical Director at Physioactive Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Inc., He has extensive post graduate training in manual therapy and works closely with high level athletes and chronic pain and those who want to really know where their pain is coming from, their underlying factors and solutions to live and move optimally.  He s commited to patient recovery and optimal performance. Graduating with a Physical Therapy degree from Queen’s University in 1995, Thomas has continuously evolved his expertise through postgraduate education and hands-on experience.

A fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy since 2001, Thomas has contributed to the field by teaching within the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. He is a lecturer at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and adjunct lecture in the Physical Therapy department of the universtiy of Toronto. His relentless pursuit of holistic understanding led him to explore Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, intra-muscular stimulation IMS), dynamic neuromuscular stimulation (DNS),craniosacral therapy (CST )and more to continually build and  broaden his therapeutic approaches in order to help more clients faster.

In 2002, Thomas came to understand that movement and exercise are not usually enough to help his more complex clients so he began to study the nervous system, development and the autumnomic nervous system. How stress, what we eat and how we live our lives connect with the body’s unified functioning. He achieved his Osteopathy diploma at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, earning the prestigious Sutherland Award for the best thesis in his graduating year. Thomas leverages his knowledge in human movement and development to optimize patient recovery, tackling chronic pain patients with the same diligence as his professional and Olympic athlete clientele.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Thomas finds joy in family and outdoor activities. Father to three boys and a golden retriever named Lucy, he stays active with hockey, tennis, cycling, fitness training, and keeping up with his energetic sons.


  • Advanced Diploma in Manipulative Therapy, Canadian Physiotherapy Association – Orthopaedic Division, Toronto, ON
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Queen’s University, Ontario, London, ON

Current Employment:

  • Clinical Director and Clinician, PhysioActive, Thornhill, ON
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, ON
  • Lecturer at the Canadian College of Osteopathy
  • Consultant Physiotherapist for The Interventional Pain Therapists (Vaughan) and The Canadian Centre for Integrative Medicine

Published Author, Certifications, and Special Interests:

  • CAMPT-certified (Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy)
  • Certified IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) Practitioner
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular (DNS)
  • Primitive Reflex Evaluation and Treatment

Special Interests:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Sports Injuries and high-performance movement assessments and training
  • Complex conditions with a focus on finding solutions for unexplained pain and dysfunction
  • Newborn and paediatric conditions

Professional Memberships:

  • College of Physiotherapists of Ontario
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopaedic Division
  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • Mentor in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division
  • DOMP from the Canadian College of Osteopathy

Thomas Hein has assemble a varied group of professionals at PhysioActive where his team boasts more than 200 years of experience.  He has created a mentorship program for the professionals at PhysioActive where the staff can grown and share their expertise, be part of  a commitment to continuous learning and a holistic approach to patient well-being.

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Zach Apter
Zach Apter
I saw Pooria. He was great all 4 sessions and so were the rest of the staff. Got me back to normal in no time! Highly reccomend.
Leonora Buskin
Leonora Buskin
I highly recommend Chiropractor Zachary Starr. Highly professional and his treatment resolved my TMJ for the long-term. He also supported with supplying exercises to carry on the treatment at home in relation to treatment of TMJ and improvement of posture.
Bayla Perelman
Bayla Perelman
After many months of being in pain and countless of doctor’s appointments and tests, no one was able to understand my pain or help me. However, during my first appointment with Thomas he was able to locate and finally ease my pain! Thank you!
Li You
Li You
After finishing treatment from Monica. I have felt that any symptoms of sourness and stiffness in me just disappeared by themselves. During the miracle treatment, I feel her kindness and passion for medical treatment methods. Beyond, those, her combined knowledge of acupuncture and massage is the fact that she is so focused on the results of the treatment that after one or two sessions, I have already gotten the best outcome that I have ever experienced. I would say that she has an angel's fingers. It is an incredible wonder. It is an ancient way that she understands and practices so well to heal your health from the physical body to the eternal soul. I highly recommend this rehabilitation center and Monica to someone who is looking for the best medical treatment from the most caring practitioner.
Inna Kakoian
Inna Kakoian
Highly recommend PhysioActive. Winnie (physiotherapist) helped me a lot following my knee injury (injured ACL & MCL). She is very knowledgeable and one of the areas she specializes in is nerve work all over the body. Words can’t describe how amazing Winnie is at what she does. Originally she did ultrasound massage to reduce inflamation and swelling in my knee. Then she started doing some work with her hands. At the end of each appointment she would put my legs into a magnetic wheel that works at a cellular level and actually helped reduce pain. She also assigned exercises to do at home which helped too. Later I also started seeing Mina (osteopath), and he’s also very talented, knowledgeable and gentle. My foot, even though it wasn’t injured, was having trouble adjusting after many months of inactivity and was achy, so I ordered orthotics to put inside my shoes, which made a huge difference, and this was done through their chiropodist Vincent (the pair of orthotics he ordered for me is perfect). The front desk staff is great too, especially Negin and Armine. If you’re newly injured and lost, please hang in there as it will get better, and this is one great clinic that can help.
Melanie Heilbronn
Melanie Heilbronn
Nicholas Biasini is the man with magic hands. Thanks so much for your exercises and hands on work. Really appreciate the speedy and effective resolution of my neck pain.
Melissa Custoreri
Melissa Custoreri
I have been a client at Physioactive since 2010 and continue to have a wonderful experience. My bookings are always easy and efficient via telephone and in person, through Physioactive’s organized, knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Appointment booking emails and reminders are always provided, as well as follow-up check ins between longer visits. The clinic is clean and organized. Physiotherapists, Nick and Aparna, and Massage Therapist, Shirley, have been critical in my physical healing from injuries and and preparation and recovery postpartum. I constantly leave the clinic AMAZED by their knowledge, ultimate care, and physical relief. I would HIGHLY recommend Physioactive to all!
Sheena Weisman
Sheena Weisman
Amazing clinic, would highly recommend! After a very sudden onset of severe sciatica, Thomas and the physioactive team were increadible. No appointments were available for 5 days, but once Thomas realized the degree of discomfort I was in he made extra appointment time to see me that same day and the next few days. His assessment was thorough and treatment very quickly reduced my nerve pain. He explained in detail the physiology likely causing the problem, and his plan to tackle not only the acute pain but over time to eventually resolve the underlying musculoskeletal problems that were likely causing it. I am increadibly grateful to him and his team and would definitely recommend Physioactive.
Amanda Chan
Amanda Chan
Since my left fibula fracture was cleared for physio, while I was in crutches I have been going to Physioactive since last November. I cannot say anymore good things about this place, each physiotherapist I had seen in the beginning were good at working together to ensure my file was consistently up to date. Fast forward March, I walk now as if I have never sustained a fracture. Highly recommend and lots of exercises that cater to each phase of healing!!
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